Welcome to The Vocational Marketing Academy

If you are looking to learn the basics of marketing quickly and cost effectively, then look no further than The Vocational Marketing Academy.  We provide interactive, online courses that cover the fundamentals of traditional and new marketing.

If you need to know your Tweet from your Digg or your direct marketing from your CRM then panic not, at The Vocational Marketing Academy we’ll remove the jargon and teach it to you in plain English.

Our simplistic course structure means that you only buy the module(s) relating to the specific topic that you want to learn about.  Each topic is fun, easy to follow and inexpensive. We will also provide you with supporting materials for future reference and a certificate once you complete each module to validate your study.

Simply visit our marketing courses page to find out about the full range of modules that we offer and don’t forget to click below to access our free marketing module!